I’ve been living in the Inner West of Sydney for about 18 months now. Prior to that we were living in Surry Hills which isn’t very far away at all. Despite this, I’d never actually been to Sydney Park until just yesterday and I wish I hadn’t put it off so long.

little dog walking

It’s a long road

The park sits high and on a clear day I’m sure you can see for miles in the distance. Yesterday wasn’t so clear but the views were still spectacular.

I’m going to build this article up over the next few weeks as I’ll be going back to the park regularly and seeing what it has to offer. I do know that Lady Mishka absolutely loved it.

Lady Mishka the Samoyed posing

Lady Mishka posing


We found ourselves back at Sydney Park again yesterday and I am still wondering why it took so long to go there in the first place! It was beautiful and Lady Mishka loved running around with a couple of other Samoyeds. We went in the evening and the colours were incredible. I don’t really know what I’m doing with my camera yet so I’m not doing it justice at all. It really was beautiful.

Sunset at Sydney Park

Sunset at Sydney Park

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